Monday, October 28, 2013

Jive Dance Concert

This is my 3rd year at Jive. Every year I think about quitting because I think that there are other dances that are so much better than our class and costumes that are better than ours. I feel like we get the shaft and not so great choices because we are the closest to the Elite Company and Gina (the owner of Jive) wants to keep them as separated as possible. But I love dancing so much and each year it does get better.

Opener Costume. Lauren, Serina, and I.

Me and Nina. 

The whole class and our hiphop outfits. We were dancing to a song off Ferris Bueller

Our lyrical Costume. 

Thank you for all the support from friends and family that came to see me preform!! 

And thats our character Costume. 

And Andrea that was in town so she was able to come see it as well. 

And of course Randi, who was not able to dance with us this year because she had her baby boy, Trey like 6 weeks before the concert. 

See why I don't really like the costumes, they all look like costumes that you would have young girls wear instead of the adult company. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Babies First Taste of Food

Doesn't even know what's coming... poor baby

What is that.....

okay... I'll TRY it.....

Well that was messy...

We done now?

I don't want any more!!

Rice cereal is DISGUSTING!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Paul and Chelsea's Wedding

Right after Jordan's birthday dinner we headed back home to pack and get on the road to head to Arizona for Paul's wedding. So Friday, May 10, we headed to the temple to wait for the newly weds to come out. 

Happy family at the temple. 

The classic kiss outside the temple doors.

Finally, these 3 little kids are together, 
Emilee & Porter (8 wks), Me & Elsie (21 wks), Katt & Gracin (3 wks)

 Grandma & Elsie

Cuddly Baby! I love this girl!

Grandpa and Elsie

Dawn and Rigdon dancing the night away

The happy couple and their first dance. 

While we were in Arizona, Jordan and I were able to go out with Savanna and Logan. We need to be better at taking pictures with the group that we are with :( But we went bowling and played in the arcade while we waited for an open lane. It was so much fun, but it's always fun with Sav. 

Finally able to hold little Porter. Someday I hope to be as photogenic as he is. 

Elsie loving her carseat. Good thing since she was in it for long with the drive. 

Happy Mothers Day to our sweet mother. All the girls (minus Rachael) took mom out to dinner. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful mother who has taught us such wonderful values. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Sweet Lover

It's official, Jordan is 28. He's getting up there in age and hates saying that he is married to a 23 year old. I think he should be proud of it! Oh well.

Jordan's cake of choice. He requested the design and ice-cream cake. I failed on the inside though. I know his favorite ice-cream is mint chocolate chip but I got chocolate cake on the bottom because I thought that would be better than vanilla with the ice-cream choice... but Jordan doesn't like chocolate and I should have done vanilla. oops

Jordan's birthday dinner. We went to the Cheesecake Factory. All of Jordan's family came and some of our friends.. That is our nephew Beck with us in the picture.  Thanks everyone for coming to celebrate with us!

Ready.... Set...

BLOW!!!! I hope his wish comes true!

I got Jordan a paragliding lesson for his birthday. They do it off the point of the mountain so we always see people doing it while driving by on the freeway and Jordan mentioned that he wanted to do it several times. 
 Getting set up to take off.
 And he's up!
He was able to stay up there for about 30 minutes. He said it was fun so I guess the gift was a success
Elsie and I waiting for daddy. It was very windy. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Elsie's Room.

I finally got around to finishing Elsie's room. Jeez, I am so crafty! Thank you pinterest for all the wonderful ideas. I do not come up with my own ideas easily, but I am able to copy someone elses!

The drapes were made from 4 (two each) flat sheet from Walmart. I love how they turned out. You can find the tutorial here. 

I was given the dresser when it was all black and had so many coats of paint on it. I copied the idea from another pinterest pin but I could not find the link to it. 

 The idea for these wall canvases came from here.

and These wonderful balls that hang above Elsie's bed came from this link.

I love how her room turned out and she seems to like it as well. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

growing, Growing, GROWING!

Make it stop. I just want my baby to stay my baby. 
 She's my happy girl. Really though. She rarely ever cries. She's such an easy baby. We are so spoiled.
 At first Elsie didn't mind the bath. Then after a month she got water in her face and HATED the bath. She would cry the whole time. It was miserable. I didn't know what to do to get her to like it. We would bath her super fast and get her out as quickly as possible because it was so awful. I needed to do something about this so I made her stay in the bath and cry, I tried to show her that bathtime was fun by showing her how to kick her feet. It just took that one time and now she likes it again... See easy baby.
 Sitting up like a big girl.
 Holding her own bottle. Ha her bottle is as big as her head. 
 Emma loves Elsie so much. She is always asking to hold her. This was such a sweet picture I had to share. 
Getting some cheeks. 
Daddy takes Elsie for walks while mommy is at work. Elsie loves being outside and seeing all the fun new things. 
 Playing with mommy
And she loves her new play mat. There is a mirror on the one she pulling on and she loves to see herself. She knows she's adorable. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hiking the Y

 It seemed like a wonderful day for a hike so Jordan and I got our stuff together and headed out to hike "Y" Mountain with Elsie. She loves being outside so it was really nice. When we were about half way up we realized that there was a pretty big storm quickly rolling in. (You can see it in the side of the first photo.) It's a good thing that I tried to dress Elsie warm. Jordan always thinks that she is going to be hot. I guess he doesnt realize that she doesnt do any of the work. It did start to rain when we reached the top. All we could do for Elsie was try to keep her dry. She seemed to handle it well though and took a nap on the way down. 

 The view from the top. 
Our little family
The "Y"